A History of Neon

Short documentary about neon sign makers in Hong Kong, via b3ta. Part of an interactive exhibition. Image by HD

Mobile Buyer Survey

Following on from last year’s research, the latest Mobile Buyer infographic and report were released this week at Mobile World Congress. This year’s report is global in scope, including the responses of trading desks from across Europe, APAC and the…

The Newsfield Years

Interesting short documentary on an early pioneer of computer game magazines. (Via b3ta.)

Devendra Banhart: Mondo Taurobolium

Animator Galen Pehrson takes Devendra Banhart’s song ‘Taurobolium’ on a trip into the dark heart of 60s Hollywood. Source: Nowness

This Charming Charlie

This Charming Charlie is a beautiful Smiths/Peanuts mashup: Morrissey seems to approve

Do Androids Dream of Electric Captchas?

Great cartoon fromsarchasmcomic

3D (street) printing

laughingsquid: Interactive 3D Chalk Art Street Paintings by Tracy Lee Stum

British Media Awards 2013

Rubicon Project wins British Media Award for Media Techology Product of the Year Great success!

A Desktop 3D Scanner

laughingsquid: MakerBot Digitizer, A Desktop 3D Scanner

Mobile RTB in 2013 - My First Infographic

My first infographic. Produced for Mobile World Congress 2013. View it in full size here.